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Getting Financially Intelligent

Isn’t it funny that the somewhat 5% of the population who are financially independent and free were not the “SMART” ones in school? The rule of money has CHANGED! To make money (wealth) you need financial Intelligence.

Financial intelligence defined by Wikipedia “Financial Intelligence is a type of business intelligence constituted of the knowledge and skills gained from understanding finance and accounting principles in the business world and understanding how money is being used.” Lack of financial education is why people are suffering today you can be book smart with all the “A’s” and speak all the English in this world and yet be a financial moron. Now we know what financial intelligence is let talk about how to get it.


Hard work won’t make you rich. The world is filled with hard-working people who have no money to show for it, hard-working people who earn money, yet grow deeper in debt, needing to work even harder for even more money.
Education does not solve money problems for someone to be rich. The world is filled with highly educated poor people.  A job does not make you rich. For many people, the letter J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke. There are millions who earn just enough to survive but cannot afford to live.


MONEY alone does not solve money problems, that is why giving poor people money does not solve their money problems. The only thing that can make you rich is FINANCIAL EDUCATION, what you know about money. The root of our money problem is lack of FINANCIAL EDUCATION. Financial intelligence solves money problems and financial intelligence is that part of our total intelligence we use to solve our financial problems.
Money problems make you smarter……..if you solve the problem. If you solve the money problem, your financial intelligence will grow and increase. When your financial intelligence grows, you become richer.
Poverty is simply having more problems than solutions.

Getting Financially Independent


There is a force that holds all things in their stationary place, it’s called inertia. There is another force that keeps things in motion, a smaller force. To start out in any venture or a new direction in life, we must first overcome inertia. The highest force you’ll ever need to exert is the one you’ll need to use to start. This is why the beginning is half done!

The light of the car traveling at night does not light the way totally to the destination, it’s clear for about 200 meters at best, to journey forward, you must be willing to without total details, start first. The biggest businesses in the world today didn’t have a business plan that shows what they are doing today, no, their plans were not that detailed. They had the desired end in mind, and were will to modify along the way, but start first! What you need for the coming season of your life is a compelling desired end, lofty and passion infusing dreams. A clear idea about your destination of greatness and freedom. Then, very importantly, you need a doze of courage, to ensure that even though it’s not all clear, you can start first, and then modify as you progress.


Mark Zuckerberg

The saying “count the cost before starting”, has kept many people where they are what most people don’t know is that in most cases if you count the cost you most likely will not start


You don’t learn to use left hand in old age.
–Igbo proverb
The secret of great men are hidden in their daily routine.
You are what you eat consistently and what you eat becomes you: your personality.
A Brand is built by consistent experience. A habit is formed by constant practice for 21 consecutive days.
Our habits form who we become. If you don’t like where you are, then do ‘Habits Appraisal’. Check your realities. Audit your habits. Take up new ones, if need be.

Many guys want to argue soccer with you or spend the whole time discussing it over Facebook and they are quick to argue with you that it’s their passion and I am like how ignorant, if it’s passion truly, why are you not earning money from it, why are u not playing soccer? okay let me buy you an excuse, you don’t have the skill? okay become a sports analyst at least people are doing that and getting paid, and you know all the names of every player, why are you not a soccer coach, do u have a soccer blog? No! do you make any income what so ever from it? No!! then forgive my outburst you need a brain fix.

I am not against soccer for entertainment but when it has become a habit to discuss football for a long time and  yet not making money from it then indeed there is a problem, it’s not compulsory you make money from all your passions but whatever you give your time to should be seen giving you some form of output, you talk smart yet you cant earn smart who did this to you chai! I know you have a smart answer for me but you can deceive everyone with your big answers but stop fooling yourself you need to be realistic you are cutting yourself short and it’s you living with the lies not me.

Add Value, Serve Others

Unsuccessful people do everything in reverse for instance, many people want to become wealthy. A common dream is to want to become a millionaire. Well, that is ok but how will it be achieved? What are you going to do to achieve your goal?

Add tremendous value, be a solution provider, the world is full of problems; be full of solutions and you’d succeed.

Wealth comes to individuals as a by-product of serving others. It’s biblical. It is a UNIVERSAL law. Put simply, if you deliver value into the lives of other people, then most of them will be happy to pay money to you to receive that service.  Not all will do this, of course, some will cheat you and some will steal from you.

This is a universal law to money and wealth – serve others.

Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least


Seek Excellence, Not Perfection.

Laws of creating wealth relate to time, skill, resources, and most importantly, our potential reward.

Focus on your high pay-off activities and delegate the rest of your responsibilities to someone else more appropriate.  You will never outgrow your present situation if you continue to perform all routine tasks at that level. If you have a problem letting go of these tasks, remember the 80/20 rule seeks excellence, not perfection.

If you earn N100,000 a month in sales for every hour worked, why are you fixing your generator when someone will do that for N2,000? Wouldn’t you be better off investing an hour in your business? To quote Goethe: “Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least”.

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