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How To Make Money Selling Leads

Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business products or services. Marketing owns lead generation but salespersons can identify their own leads through the internet. The number of sales leads generated determines if the sales targets will be achieved. An adequate supply of quality leads increases the chances of those leads becoming potential paying customers hence a large customer base.

Access to leads is one of the fundamental elements that leads to business growth. We going to be discussing how to make money from Leads Generation.


  • Types of leads.
  • How to source leads.
  • How to sell leads.


There are many types of leads but they are all classified into three categories.

  1. Information Qualified Lead (IQL)After sales leads are converted, they always give the salespersons their contact information in return for information about the company and its products. At this stage, the lead does not have a clue about the company and its intentions hence he/she becomes an Information Qualified lead. The IQL is directed on how to obtain information in order to learn more about the company by being given access to free samples, catalogs and free webinars. This lead is referred to as a cold lead.
  2. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)If the Information Qualified Lead has encountered a problem and is interested in how a salesperson can solve it, he ends up downloading information about the product. The lead now becomes a Marketing Qualified Lead, also referred to as a warm lead. Follow-up contact information is generated stating their problem and how the salesperson may be able to help. The lead can now be guided into the decision stage.

Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business products or services.

  1. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)Decision stage is reached by offering trials, demos, and consultations to the MQLs. If the lead reaches this stage, then the company now has a hot lead also referred to as a Sales Qualified Lead. It is logical for sales to make faster follow-ups with an SQL which automatically leads to higher deal closing rate. However, in order to maintain an adequate number of leads, salespersons ensure to at least follow up with the warm leads.
How to make Money selling Leads


There are various ways to source for leads but I just want to talk about two right now which are: Organic and Non-Organic Leads. 

Organic Leads are leads sourced by either buying from others who have leads or by collating them yourselves either through landing pages or through yellow pages.

Non- Organic Leads are leads gotten through the use of extractors: Email extractors, Whatsapp extractors etc.

There are other methods to source for leads but these are the basic and fastest ways.



After you have collated your Leads and have qualified your leads, the next step will be to know how to sell them. Now, there are various ways to sell these leads but the fastest and best way to sell would be to sell leads to lead. What I mean is that you can also sell the leads to people who are in the leads.

People who will be interested in buying these include: companies, business owners, salespeople, SME’s one of the best business to venture in is the sales of digital products, you only sell copies.

Leads are used for marketing purposes only, you can use leads and re-use them as there are different products, different needs.

Below are some of the Leads I have for sale:

» List of Cooperatives in Lagos with contact person, Email address and Phone number

» 80 Million Nigeria names and phone numbers arranged in 36 states and 774 Local Government (NCC Standard).

» Media Mogul both radio, tv, newspaper and numerous data on media moguls and their contacts.

» Lagos state Commissioners, premises, gms, and their Emails Address and Contact details.

» Over 2,600 Lagos State contractors and contact details with Email address (those provided).

» Telecommunication vendors Phone number and Addresses in Ikeja, Ikoyi, V.I, Mainland.

» Dangote sales team and contact details around Nigerian States. 5slides, 6 states.

» List of Cooperatives in Lagos with the contact of person, address, and phone number.

» Over 2,000 phone number and address of school and churches.

» Email address and phone number of Dstv agents in Lagos.

» 115 biggest superstores in Lagos and their contact details.

» 452,000 Email address of Jumia and Konga shoppers.

» Over 700,000 Email address of bank customers.

» 450,000 Email address of corporate individuals.

» 46,000 Email address of company owners

For more info on how to get Leads, Contact 07033030491

» Email addresses of corporate executives.

» Lagos business school ex-students.

» Vconnect Email address database.

» Email addresses of top executives.

» Email addresses of hotel directory.

Data is the future. You need to start getting as many data as possible!

» Email of world-class executives.

» Lagos Chambers of commerce.

» List of performing exporters.

» Business owners in Lagos.

» Hospitals in Lagos.

» 364 contacts of biggest dealers in Lagos.

»List of contact of professional firms.

» 700,000 General Email addresses.

» 5,000 companies email addresses.

» Over 50,000 email address data.

» 1,500 contact of lekki residents.

» 1,200 mobil staff emails address.

» Unilag students Phone number.

» 50,000 active email Address.

» Jumia real estate database.

» 207 corporates icons.

For more info on how to get these Leads, Contact 07033030491

80 million leads of Nigerians categorized by States, Local Government and more. Data is the future. You need to start getting as much data as possible!

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