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The Principle Of Multiplication Of Wealth by Franky Ekwebelam

Parable of the talent Matthew 25:14-30. The talent in today’s money is equivalent to $1,400,116.57. Just for the record: (Some authorities say that the talent typically weighed about 33 kg (75 Ib) varying from 20 to 40 kg. In June, 2018, the international price of gold was about US $41,155.69 per kilogram. One gram costs about $38. At this price, a talent (33 kg) would be worth about $1,400,116.57.)

Okay that was Wikipedia, in case you want to argue with your small knowledge. Now imagine given this amount of money today and you went ahead and buried it, the true essence of man’s very existence is to cause multiplication, Gen 1:28. In the bible, there are 45 verses in 11 books talking about multiplication literally.


So the bible is particular about it. Well forgive me for not having a Quran figure yet, still doing my research, will let you know when I have a figure. Your ability to multiply that which is given to you is a result of your present position including me Francis Onyebuchi Alexander Nnadozie Ekwebelam. I don’t think you understand me, the master took the talent from the man who had one and gave to the one with 10, tara!!!! The rich keeps getting richer, the poor gets poorer.

Your ability or inability to multiply that which is given to you is a result of your present position.

Poverty is not a product of the country (okay, maybe a bit, just a little) or a product of Buhari. Poverty is a product of your inability to cause multiplication, Oya! Come and beat me. God in his magnanimity has given you talent at some point, where did you bury it? My guy and brother Anthony Anuforo will say we used it to eat Akara that time ooo!! Do you know how many of our talents have been given out because we buried it.

The Principle of Multiplication of Wealth


I often hear you can never become rich earning salary, well, the truth is you can, but you won’t because salary earners see their earnings as money to quench fires, pay bills, etc., they don’t see it as a talent to be multiplied and your guess is as good as mine, the master always collects it from them and give to those who already have money, e.g. their pastors (harmless joke 00).

Anyways, your salary is not to solve problems alone or quench fires, Oga you are not a fire fighter, learn to divide it, one part for you and whatever the other part for Multiplication principle.

Anything you multiply will increase, anything you keep will remain as it is. Your cash flow statement will help you understand your need to multiply. Cash flow is “the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, especially as affecting liquidity.” The true wealth of a man or a business is determined by their cash flow.

Anything you multiply will increase, anything you keep will remain as it is.

Franky Ekwebelam

Most times it’s not the amount of money a man or business has that matters but rather the cash flow, little wonder the banks are particular about cash flow when it comes to giving loans, and the embassies request statement of account six months at least.


Now the cash flow can be divided in to two parts: Cash inflow and Cash outflow.

Cash inflow is the money going into a business. Cash outflow is the reversal and your cash flow statement determines your net income.

If your cash outflow is more than your cash inflow, do the Maths. Congratulations, you have just become your own fortune teller just by gazing into your cash flow statement pretty clever yeah!

Well any one can spend money, even a fool can spend money so stop raising yourself “I blow money fast” ***bragging tone*** try I can multiply money fast (not MMM **Iaughing to myself**).

A Word is Enough for the Wise!

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